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Morgan Phillips, feat. STALYON Adventure Photographer

Morgan Phillips, feat. STALYON Adventure Photographer

The ADVENTURE CARD PROGRAM is a way for those kids who are currently fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses to experience a new adventure while being in the hospital fighting for their lives. A way for the great outdoors to encourage them on their journey to good health. With the children's immune systems so low due to chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplants and surgery's, being able to interact with people is minimal, along with getting outside. Many cannot even leave their hospital rooms. Using adventure for good, kids are able to be inspired with a little piece of mail, a post card handed out by the hospital's care team or nurses with their names written on the back with the simple goal to let their minds explore and adventure where their bodies simply cannot. Even if for a second, the Adventure Card Program has done it's job.

Feet up. In the great outdoors with Morgan Phillips.

Feet up. In the great outdoors with Morgan Phillips.

The ADVENTURE CARD PROGRAM started shortly after Nathan had beaten cancer. Sitting down over a cup of coffee inside a Patagonia retail store in Santa Monica, Nathan and his close friend Matt Elrod ( @disposablelife ) began talking about getting the kids photo's while confined to the hospital. Grateful for his health Nathan was determined not to forget the kids who are still fighting each and everyday. The conversation grew and grew until it became a reality. Teaming up with many of the same Adventure Photographers who helped inspire Nathan on his journey. One of these incredible photographers just so happens to be Morgan Phillips; an adventurous photographer who isn't afraid to get off the grid and explore life in the raw. Traveling the world and capturing life in it's most epic moments, Morgan gives back using his camera for good. Sharing the adventures he's captured one photo at a time inspires & empowers these children who are in need of our support.

We recently caught up with Morgan:

Morgan, how did you develop a passion to explore and ultimately get into photography?


Thats a good question. I think my photography has developed from two separate paths. As a kid, I was a boy scout and i loved out door activities and adventures. The adventure has always been a big part of my photography. Then about 10 years ago I developed a new passion for photography. Then once Instagram came out, my passion had a place to be shared. I dove in and started sharing my photos on Instagram and I haven't looked back. 


What was one of your favorite adventures as a kid that you look back on from time to time with a smile?


One adventure that always makes me smile is a camping trip with my step dad, 2 step brothers, and mom. The story goes, that the boys wanted to go camping. My mom came along reluctantly but was ready for the adventure. We pull up to the camp site, get the gear out of the car, and then the inevitable happens. It starts raining. Not just rain, Alabama pouring down thunderstorm monsoon rain. We survived the night and my mom hasn't been camping since. 


What was your very first job as a photographer. What mistakes have you made along the way that you’ve learned from in helping you become a professional?


Oh man, my first job was for a small real estate company. The mistakes i made on that shoot were too many to list. I would say the most valuable thing i have learned is to find your style. I spent time shooting and editing the way i thought everyone else wanted me too, but once i did things the way i wanted too everything thing started working out.


Music always inspires us. Leaving the city and getting back out into the wild, what’s your favorite aspect of traveling? Give us a short list of your favorite songs to travel with?


My favorite aspect of traveling is meeting new people and spending time with old friends. I love the social aspect of my adventures. Good question. Right now my top five are Chateau Lobby #4-Father John Misty, Jackie and Wilson-Hozier, All Volcano Choir, and everything from Lord Huron. 


At STALYON we’re happy to have you apart of our team of photographers who are using their cameras for good. Driven towards making a high impact on the lives of the kids in the hospital, is there anything you’d like to share or say to the kids you’re inspiring everyday with your signature Adventure Cards?


The best part of your adventure lays ahead. I can’t wait to see the kids.

If you haven't already had the opportunity to follow Morgan on his incredible journey, you can find him on INSTAGRAM. at @MorganPhillips