San Miguel de Allende


by Travis Edwards


I arrived in San Miguel de Allende hoping to awaken the beginning of a new art series I had planned for some time. The city is teeming with inspirational people from all over the world, and while I spoke with artists, expats, and locals in the best Spanish I could dole out, it was clear to me that the city itself has a language of its own.

The city's iconic images are its cobble stone streets, lined with vividly painted walls. While unbeknownst to the street viewer, on just the other side of these walls are lush gardens and courtyards, most of which offer a view of one of the many ornate, gothic cathedrals in town.


Quality of life and the arts are the heart of this community. Rotating art galleries, institutes and craft fairs engage the city by the hundreds on a daily basis. For me, it was the unfinished mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros within the Instituto de Bellas Artes. It inspired me to put pen to paper and begin the creative dialogue I had traveled here to have with this city. 



About:  Travis Edwards is an architect and artists. Born and raised in sleepy surf town of San Clemente, California; Travis enjoys the creative aspect of exploring new places to inspire him & his work in truly exploring greatness.




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