by Nick Ocean


My name is Nick, I live in Portland, Oregon.  My title over the years has changed many times, from working in the VFX industry to a chosen lifestyle of unemployment while my wife and I took a year off and live in our camper on the road back to normal life here in Oregon.  Our story on our travel website The Longest Hello.  After being in Los Angeles for over a decade I got to see and experience a lot of the state from its southern borders with road trips to Baja, to its eastern edges in the deserts of Mojave and Death Valley to iconic landscapes that danced in my dreams of Yosemite.  California taught me how to explore.  But the northwest touched a different chord for me.  

"I would often bring my sleeping bag and curl up under my tripod and set an alarm when it was time to get up." - Nick Ocean

Growing up in Washington I never spent any time outside except for shooting my BB gun at things on our property that I should have left alone.  But hiking and exploring dirt roads weren’t a part of my childhood.  But the rugged peaks, forests and coastlines inspired a different kind of thing in me.  Its those vistas that encouraged my wife and I to sell everything we had, buy a camper and live in our 35 square feet for a year together.  I’d like to say it was the most amazing thing and I would do it over and over again but I can’t alway say that.  It was hard.  Especially places like Alberta in October as winter started to set in or rainy seasons on Mt Rainier where I just hoped to glimpse the top of the mountain today.  But I think that’s what makes this small piece so special to me.  It was hard a good way.  It made those moments special.  Or when I accidentally captured the northern lights after setting a time-lapse and going to bed.  Waking up to that was a gift I didn’t expect.  Or maybe my most memorable was again in Banff but setting up a 10 hour time-lapse at Lake Loraine, watching the sun go down and the crowds disappear.  I would often bring my sleeping bag and curl up under my tripod and set an alarm when it was time to get up.  I remember waking up, seeing the milky way bright as can be overhead and I looked behind me and saw the northern lights again dance and swirl over me as bright as I’v ever seen them.  Those are moments I’ll never forget.  Those and what I thought was a grizzly bear ended up being a sleepy man that should NOT have been there, geez, I just scared myself again thinking about it.

A special thank you to Nick Ocean. One of the first Adventure Photographers to contribute to the Adventure Card Program. Please follow & explore more adventures from Nick and his many journeys on the go.