Looking back, I can’t describe how blessed I am. Celebrating one year in being cancer free is emotional. One because I can’t describe how grateful I am for everyone who choose to be there with me as I climbed this mountain we call cancer. Two, I feel it is truly by the grace of God that I am here to see another day. Lastly I am so thankful for everyone who has decided to join STALYON and me in giving back to the kids who are currently in the hospital fighting for their lives.


They say everything happens for a reason and sometimes it takes a while for us to understand why. For me, without going through the journey and pain of cancer I would never truly understand what the kids need from us. Looking back, fighting cancer was one of the most difficult times in my life. There were times I wanted to give up. Times that I wasn’t sure I was going to pull through. Times I was discouraged. Times I felt defeated. With all sorts of chemicals rushing through my veins from the clockwork regiment of chemotherapy, it was the memories of the great outdoors that brought me peace in the storm. It was from those who choose to travel and share their epic adventures using social media. Sitting in my chemotherapy chair it was you who allowed me to take part in seeing the sunrise that day or a photo from atop a mountain. For all those I’ve never met that have inspired my journey, I thankyou for living life to the fullest and choosing to get outside and explore the beauty that surrounds us.


Going through the dark tunnel of cancer and looking forward, I understand the importance and opportunity we all have in serving the kids in need of our support. Today, I thank those who’ve decided to join us and be apart of our community and brand in serving the kids as they fight to beat cancer and other life threatening illnesses. To Carole Crone and all of the Doctors and Nursing staff at Children’s Hospital LA, I can’t begin to thank you enough for making this vision become a reality in giving back to the kids and truly empowering them on their journey to good health. 


Lastly, I have to give a big thank you to my family and team who climbed with me to the summit. First, Mom & Dad. My brother Jared and sister Kim. Frank & Linda Kilpatrick, USC medical staff, Josiah & Hana Hawley, Corey Saenz, John West, Chris & Conlon Family, Nick Montefour, Brian Lairabee, Aleks Kocev, Lance Jones, Matt Elrod, Community LA and everyone else who was with me. Last but not least, I have to thank the one above. In my darkest moments you where there to shine light and lift up my broken heart & spirit with the energy needed to fight another day. Thank you!

Nathan IsaacComment