Our Story

in the beginning

It was November 4th 2014 that Nathan began a new adventure in life. He was given the news that he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Despite living an active lifestyle inspired by the great outdoors, the journey in climbing the mountain of cancer had begun. A mountain Nathan quickly choose not to climb alone.

Over a campfire, Nathan began sharing the news he was given with close family and friends, an emotional moment that followed with an invitation for those close to him to join him on a journey that would require the support and encouragement of family and friends. A journey to climb this mountain and someday beat cancer.

During the long and lengthy chemotherapy infusions, Nathan began traveling vicariously into the great outdoors through the lens of some of his favorite Adventure Photographers. Using Instagram, Vsco and other platforms of sharable technology Nathan was able to wander outside of the hospital walls and enjoy a sunset, the view from atop a mountain, or the oceans coast from his hospital room. These small gifts of adventure empowered Nathan to get healthy and inspired him to get back outside to explore the great outdoors cancer free. On June 16th 2015, Nathan and his team were given the news. They had officially reached the summit and as a team beat cancer.

The gift

Today Nathan is cancer free, and inspired by a new adventure to give back and create an outdoor experience for children who are currently inside the hospital fighting for survival. Kids who simply can’t get outside like other healthy kids, the goal is to bring an outdoor experience to them where they need it the most. To make this possible the STALYON brand was created as an opportunity for those who love the great outdoors to join our brand & community on a mission in giving back and using adventure for good.

Partnering with some of the worlds greatest Children's Hospitals and outdoor Adventure Photographers and creatives, STALYON and our incredible team of individuals give a unique outdoor experience brought inside to the kids who need it the most. Kids while in the hospital are able to receive Adventure Cards, Outdoor inspired posters and fun outdoor inspired stickers. A experience that brings a smile and a warmth of love to every kid we meet.