At STALYON we are proud of our community of explorers who choose to get outside and use adventure for good. It is truly an honor to share our Ambassadors stories and the journals our explorers are so happy to share as they celebrate life in the great outdoors. Feel free to read, share and most importantly enjoy the adventure.


HOME by George Ballenger

In a world of endless news, technology overload, and the all around busyness of life, I have to take a step back and observe the world for how it was and how, some places, still are. (Read More)


After driving a few hundred miles the art in being lost and found comes down to experience. Pack only what you need. If it doesn't fit on the tarp, you don't bring it.  Read More


Now while living on the west coast in the big city, I find myself often times craving to get out and explore the beauties of nature that California and surrounding states have to offer. Sometimes just a few minutes away in the surrounding landscapes. Read More


Technology there's nothing like it!  It keeps us informed, keeps us learning new things, keeps us up-to-date with everything in the world in a millisecond, but there's really nothing like getting away from all that either.  Getting back to what it's like to see a sunrise, outside of being stuck in your car on a morning commute. Getting back to the feeling of what it's like to sleep in the outdoors under the stars.   Read More


In the fall, I set out on the road for a month long solo bike tour down the Oregon and California coastline. The thousand-mile journey hugs along the coast old highway 1.   Read More


Even though my family wasn’t very outdoorsy growing up, it was through my own discovery of the natural beauty that California offers that has carved my deep appreciation and love for the Golden State.   Read More


They say travel changes you, but I've realized experiences change me. My names Gabriel Hensley and I'm simply a Midwesterner that's coast less but not hopeless. Four in a half hours from Port au Prince in the southwest region of Haiti is the village of Scipion.   Read More


Fields and fields of yellow amongst the ever changing desert back drop.  It was so beautiful, it was as if I'd been transported to another planet this area of the world seemed so uninhabitable and yet it was the most incredible kind of beauty.   Read More


by Bryce Schnaars

I laid their for a few moments, going back and forth between my medical and adventure-seeking mind, questioning if I risk getting seriously ill in the freezing cold, or if I should seize the day and hike through the beautiful Adirondacks. Read More: