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June 17th - August 31st

Team TENNESSEE!!! Are you ready??? How many miles will you hike? Climb? Explore? Time to put on those hiking shoes and hit the trail...but before you do that sign up to make sure every mile you hike goes towards something that really counts. By hiking ONE MILLION MILES as a team/community, our goal is to bring awareness & support to the kids we love and serve. They are the kids who can't get outside this summer and hike the great outdoors but instead are inside your local Children's Hospitals fighting for survival. To show our support, our goal is to hike ONE MILLION MILES. A feat that can only be accomplished with your help. Please feel free to share THE HIKE with friends & family that may also want to join the team in truly exploring greatness this summer. 


After you submit your hiking information you will receive details on how to Track & Submit your miles to THE HIKE.

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Important in helping us coordinate local group hikes & special service activities.

THE HIKE: After we reach the goal in hiking ONE MILLION MILES as a team/community, Every hiker who joins THE HIKE will also be given the opportunity to donate $1 for every mile hiked directly to the local Children's Hospital serving your State/Region.

In the city or out on the trail, Carpe Diem!!!